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George Gasteratos

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My name is George Gasteratos and I was born and raised on the unique island of Corfu. I studied at the department of Economics Science in Ioannina city and immediately after my graduation I started working in the field of FNB industry as host supervisor, where I obtained great experience at customer service.

I was employed in, and explored different locations in both Greece and abroad, which helped me realize my love for the sun, the sea, the architecture ,the different unspoiled parts of the island and lead me to decide that I could no longer live away from my beloved island of Phaeacians.

My love for Real Estate and customer service and my unsaturated desire to implement my client’s dreams, made it natural for me to be part of the professional team of Mrs. Roula Rouva, with the aid of whom I managed to evolve my ability at the field that I love. As a human being that loves challenges, filled with positivity and determination, I am always ready and willing to face them with joy and a big smile.