Kaiti Lampiri | Roula Rouva Real Estate Agency. | Corfu - Paxos - Ionian Islands - Greece
Executive P.A. of Roula Rouva

Kaiti Lampiri

Office Phones:
+302661023032, +302661086025
Short Bio:

My name is Kaiti Lampiri. I was born and raised in Corfu. I speak Greek, English, French and Spanish. I studied at the Ionian University and i have graduate from the History Department.

I started my career as a teacher in private schools delivering lessons in ancient Greek to high school students.

In 2012, a new challenge came up when I was offered to work in aviation as a flight attendant. Travelling to different countries abroad gave me the opportunity to come along with other cultures and work with people of different nationalities. After ten years of experience in several airlines around Europe I decided to return to my island.

The idea of working as Mrs.Roula's Rouva personal assistant seemed very attractive to me and gave me an extra motivation to remain in Corfu. The professional environment and the prestige of the company won me over from the very first moment, as they set the background for me to expand my knowledge and make the most of my potential.