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Anzhelika Petritskaya

Τηλέφωνα γραφείου:
+302661023032, +302661086025
Anzhelika Petritskaya stands at the forefront of marketing innovation as the Head of Marketing at Roula Rouva Group of Companies. Fluent in English, Greek, and Russian, Anzhelika's multilingual prowess facilitates seamless communication across global markets.

Her academic journey began with a focus on law at Moscow State University of Land Management, followed by a pursuit in the Department of Archives, Library Science & Museum Studies in Corfu, Greece. Embracing the digital age, Anzhelika ventured into the realm of Digital Marketing, honing her skills in SMM, Target, SEO, Marketing Strategy, and AI technology.

Anzhelika's first experience in Digital Marketing was given to her by Roula Rouva Real Estate, when Ms. Roula Rouva gave her the opportunity to organize the Greek Online Expo INGREECE, a testament to Ms Rouva's visionary approach and commitment to pushing boundaries. Firmly believing in the transformative power of digital technology, she and her team endeavor to revolutionize the Greek real estate world, integrating cutting-edge solutions into traditional practices.

In her current role, Anzhelika spearheads the creation and coordination of marketing strategies for the Roula Rouva Group of Companies, meticulously crafting plans that resonate with modern consumers while aligning with the company's long-term objectives.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Anzhelika is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, fostering an environment where innovation thrives and every voice is valued. As a mentor and leader, she empowers aspiring marketers to reach their full potential, shaping the future of the industry.