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Nissaki is a serene seaside village 25km from Corfu Town. It is the ideal base for those who want to spend a relaxing holiday in Corfu’s beautiful northeastern coastal zone. Located at the point where the eastern slopes of Mount Pantokrator begin, it is the gateway to an area of lush vegetation and stunning bays with crystal clear waters reflecting the green color of the trees.

According to tradition, Nissaki (meaning “small island” in Greek) was once a tiny rocky island. Eventually, it was united with the mainland. In the main settlement, there are all amenities visitors might need, such as supermarkets, ATMs, pharmacies, and car rental outlets.

The beach of Nissaki is a postcard-perfect scenery. It has small pebbles and turquoise water. The olive trees of the surrounding hills descend to the water’s edge. The beach is fully organized, with sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, as well as watersport facilities.

The rich seabed of Nissaki attracts many snorkeling lovers. At the nearby piers, you will often see yachters who visit the area on their boats to take a refreshing swim in the crystalline waters and enjoy fresh fish and local delicacies at the bay’s traditional tavernas and restaurants.

If you happen to be in the area on June 14th, do not miss the traditional religious celebrations at the settlement’s church, Agioi Pantes. This colorful combination of food, Corfiot music, and dance will create a memory of a lifetime for you.

Nearby beaches

Agni Beach

The pristine environment of Agni is not to be missed by anyone who wishes to spend their day at the shore of a small piece of paradise.

This small pebble beach and harbor is nestled in a lush green area, with vegetation reaching down to the sea. The waters deepen steeply, and in combination with the available diving facilities, the bay of Agni, with its rich marine life, is ideal for scuba and snorkeling.

There are a few sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, but Agni is largely unspoiled. Until a few years ago, it was accessible mainly by sea, as land access was possible through pathways. The wooden piers stretching into the sea were built to facilitate visitors who visited the area by boat to enjoy its tranquility and seclusion.

Agni is also famous to locals and tourists for its seaside tavernas, serving superb fresh fish, delicious seafood, and Corfiot specialties.

Kaminaki Beach

Kaminaki is located right to the north of Nissaki. It is a small pebble beach with turquoise waters and lush vegetation all around that creates an idyllic landscape.

Kaminaki is not one of the famous beaches in this part of Corfu, so it is never too crowded. The daring bathers who will not hesitate to take the slightly steep road leading to the beach will be rewarded with a haven of tranquility and natural beauty. The beach has some sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, while boat rentals are also available for trips to the nearby shores.

Krouzeri Beach

A short drive after Nissaki, on the way to Kassiopi, you will find the popular beach of Krouzeri.

Krouzeri has been awarded the Blue Flag for the cleanliness and quality of its waters. The large beach features a combination of golden sand and fine pebbles, and the verdant hill right behind it adds bonus points to its charm.

Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for rent. There are watersport options, and after your swim, you can taste local specialties at one of the shore’s tavernas.

Things to do and see in the area of Nissaki, Corfu

The incredibly picturesque fishing harbor of Kouloura

Right after Kalami, you will come upon the scenic bay of Kouloura, one of Corfu’s most photographed spots.

The green bay is surrounded by cypress trees that sweep down to the sea, almost touching the fishing and sailing boats tied to the settlement’s horseshoe-shaped harbor. The setting is so picturesque that it makes visitors think the time has stood still.

At the edge of the harbor, a few steps lead up to the beautiful chapel of Agios Nikolaos (Petra). In 1085 AD, an Italian ship carrying the holy relic of Agios Nikolaos stopped at Kouloura because of bad weather conditions on its way to Italy.

Next to the harbor, the walk takes you to Villa Anieli, a luxurious and very famous mansion. The Venetians built it as a fortress against raids, and during its years of existence, it has hosted many blue bloods and aristocrats from all over Europe.

There are no other amenities or buildings in Kouloura except for a fish taverna. On the hills towering the bay, many luxury villas welcome mainly wealthy people who come to spend their holidays in this serene environment.

Accommodation in Nissaki, Corfu

On the verdant hills towering the bay of Nissaki and the surrounding coves, there are many hotels, villas for rent, holiday apartments, and studios.

Properties for Sale near Nissaki

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