Luxury must be Comfortable – We make this our Priority

When thinking of your dream holiday Corfu makes just as great a destination.

First of all beautiful scenery and sights to see along with the lush nature and the stunning beaches make it the perfect gateway for an unforgettable flawless experience. Corfu really does have something to offer to everyone, either you are coming with family ,friends or alone. Get the opportunity to experience holidays in Corfu fit for a royal and nothing less.

Once experienced never forgotten.

We are a real estate agency that making full use of the evolution to meet the demands of clients, promising to bring only the best to holidaymakers for unique privacy and relaxation. Starting from embodying a genuine sprit and vitality for hospitality to planning on-site concierge services.

For a more lavish experience get on board of a luxury yacht to take you to any of the many unaccessible fine white sand and clear blue sea beaches. Or jump into a private jet that will fly you around enjoying the highest stunning views of Corfu. We make your leisure the ideal choice.

At dusk we will make it sure that you carve an irreplaceable memory by watching the sun fall behind the horizon along the beach. We are willing to create your perfect journey.

We promise you to find something that will thrill you by offering great class and impeccable taste in seductive luxury.