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Potamos is one of the oldest villages of Corfu. It has taken its name of the river that crosses the houses. It has rich flora and fauna and consists of several churches and old mansions. If there was not the river the name would probably be ‘’the village of Virgin Mary’’ and the reason is the numerous dedications of the churches. The river flows from the West Coast of Pelekas village and ends up in the sea of East Coast and the wide area of Potamos. Potamos is a vivid suburb of Corfu Town. It has restaurants, hotels and some traditional houses. Old and new architecture buildings are totally harmonized and can be a permanent residence for a family as it is close to public schools and access to the sea is only 15 minute drive.
Perama is the place which first ignited the great naturalist Gerald Durrell. Sitting on the island's lovely eastern coast, it's hard to believe that Perama is just a 10-minute drive from the bustle of Corfu Town. But the fact that its only connection to the island is via a narrow bridge means that it seems a world away. Perama is privileged with the view of Vlacherena monastery and most captured picture of Pontikonisi island. The narrow bridge connecting South part of the island and Kanoni make it favourite place to visit all year round. Several shops, restaurants and hotels are also available in the area.
Nissaki means Little Island and hundreds of years ago that is what it was. On top of the island, now stands a Taverna. In years past, the local people worked on this island, shaping stones and local rocks bought to them by boat. The stones were used for building. After many years, the chippings falling into sea formed a ramp and eventually joined the land. Now there is a narrow road that now runs between the old island where the Taverna stands and the mainland. Nissaki has a small beach and is extremely pretty. The beach is a small horseshoe shape with fine pebbles, offering excellent swimming, although it can become a little crowded when daytrip boats arrive for lunch. Nissaki straggles along the coastline and the various bays should not be confused. The beach and tavernas at Nissaki are next along the coast from Barbati and Glyfa and are just below the village centre with its church. Nissaki is quite spread out, on either side of the winding main road, and has only the church, school and local cafe neon as its centre. Footpaths and one lane lead down to the beaches, and two steeply winding roads lead up and away from the main road, into the hills that form the lower slopes of Mount Pantokrator. This is Corfu’s highest mountain and is very impressive when seen from Nissaki. Cars can only go so far along these roads once they peter out, though, there are marvellous walks in the Nissaki uplands, with abandoned villages, ample wildlife(especially the flowers in spring), and incredible views that extend right into the mountains of Albania.
Lefkimi is a large village which is located south of the island, at a distance of 40 kilometres from the city. It is a picturesque town, built on a fertile plain with olive groves and vineyards, and is crossed by a small river. There is also and a small bridge, under which the fishermen of the region moor their boats.
The village of Kontokali boasts a traditional layout with old houses and narrow streets. It is the first tourist resort you meet traveling from Corfu Town to Kassiopi. It is located 6 km from Corfu Town, just before Gouvia. Kontokali has an upgraded tourism infrastructure with several hotels and rooms for rent. The lovely sandy beach is a pole of attraction for visitors. It is fully organized with azure waters, sand and pebbles. Water is shallow and safe for the children. It has been awarded with Blue Flag for its cleanness and organization. There are typical greek tavernas, international cuisine restaurants and beach bars serving snacks and cold drinks. The beach is easily accessible due to the short distance from the city centre.
Situated just 8 km away from Corfu Town Kyra Chrisikou is a tranquil area. This housing estate belongs to Municipality of Corfu and its name originates from Lady Chrysikou where her mansion is known in the wide area. The location favors of rural growth and through years has been the main income of the inhabitants. Nowadays, Kyra Chrysikou boasts of luxury properties and stunning views of Gouvia and Kommeno bay. It is accessible from Corfu Town within a few minute drive and very close to touristic Gouvia and Kontokali villages. Ideal location for those seeking tranquility and not fart from the vivid Town.
Locals boast of having one of the most beautiful villages in Corfu and visitors favourite destination. Kinopiastes is located just 12 kms away from Corfu Town. One of the most visited tavernas in Corfu is located in Kinopiastes. A modern cafe for the youth respecting tradition as well as a ‘’kafeneion’’. Water source of Kinopiastes is rumoured to be the best in the island. Moreover, women and youth are very keen on promoting Corfiot culture and tradition.
Kerasia is a quiet cove situated between Kouloura and Agios Stephanos. It is mainly just one long sweeping beach and is quite stunning. There is one Taverna and a scattering of villas. The Rothschild's have a holiday home on the headland - Prince Charles and Lord Sainsbury are regulars. It is an idyllic 'get away from it all' setting. Tourists find serenity during their vacation whereas locals enjoy the tranquillity all year round. Kerasia is situated on the north east side of the island and within 45 minute drive to Corfu Town.
There is no denying that Kavos is better known for its wild nightlife and beach parties long into the early hours of the morning than its long white sandy beaches. This area was and to a large extend still is taken over by the young and lively from the UK renowned for their drinking and party skills, so don’t expect to find much in terms of local character or traditional places, you will however find a great variety of English breakfasts, fast food places and all kinds of bars, pubs and night clubs, some of them right on the beach. Kavos is located in the South and within 50 kms driving distance from Corfu Town.
Gouvia village is situated on the east coast of Corfu in Greece, within good proximity to the I.Kapodistrias airport. Set in the middle of the Island, Gouvia village location is ideal to explore the island by car or bike. Gouvia, has been developed throughout the last four decades into a modern holiday resort. Ideal for couples and families visiting the island of Corfu, it provides a secure place for vacation. The village has about 600 inhabitants and was built on the site of an ancient Venetian harbor. The main marina of Corfu is also situated in Gouvia and welcomes many yachts from all over Europe.
Benitses dates back to the 13th century, and has been traditionally characterized as a small fishing village. The town is nestled in between the lush mountains and the Ionian Sea. Benitses village is located 12 kilometers from the Old Town, and 9 kilometers from the international airport of Ioannis Kapodistrias. It is one of the most traditional Corfiot villages of the island, and is known for its splendid natural beauty. Benitses has long been host to tourism and for decades has attracted the attention of international visitors with its pristine waters and green mountains. The water of the springs which flowed from the mountains of Aghii Deka and Stavros, joined together in two small rivers, thus giving the area its name. Benitses is derived from the ancient Greek word ‘Pinio,’ a word that generally refers to a place with rivers, and is thought to be rich in waters. The village of Benitses was first inhabited in ancient times due to its abundance of fresh spring water. The ruins of the Roman baths in the village can be seen as a testimony to the fresh water sources found in Benitses. The natural beauty of the village caught the attention of British tour operators in the 1970’s, and Benitses quickly became a mecca for young tourists. They flocked to the town with the intent of partying, soaking up the sunshine, and unabashedly enjoying the Corfu nightlife. This, however, was met with conflict from the residents of the traditional town, and dramatically interrupted the fishing industry of the village. Older traditional values were discarded for more capitalistic ones, and many of the morals of the community were sacrificed for short-term profit gains.
Alykes is set on the edge of Corfu Town, with a perfect beach front location. Corfu Town is within ten minute drive and the surrounded green with an array of shops, restaurants, bars and tavernas make it an ideal location for those seeking to live in the countryside but not far from the Town. Access to the North part of the island as well as South is very easy. The economy of the area was booming the last 10 years with the construction of the Hospital of Corfu and made Alykes an attractive area either to invest or to live in. Moreover, in the area are hotels operating all year round and sports facilities that every resident can use for free.