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Price:400,000 €
Condition: Total renovation
Category: Traditional House
Location: Kastellanoi Mesis
Updated on: 28/02/2022
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Ioanna Aroni

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Amazing opportunity for the lovers of mystery.
This local palace of great historical value stands proud and tall in a plot of (approx) 4.193sqm, whispering tales of the past.Located on the top of a hill in the village of Kastelani, it was once the residence of the great Capadoca family, who were the landlords of this area.
Family Capadoca originated from Byzantium and came in Corfu because of the Fall of Constantinople.
Their origin is indicated, beside documents, by their coat of arms which depicts the two headed eagle, symbol of Byzantium, surrounded by olive branches, as Corfu is a blessed land full of olive trees.Being the house of the local landlords could only mean that it is situated in a strategic spot controlling the sea passages and the whole area.
In our times that is translated into breathtaking views of the adjacent villages, olive grove and the majestic sea.Time has left its mark upon this mansion, but the brilliant architecture and the imposing style that once distinguished it are still obvious.
The main building was extended gradually in order to satisfy the growing needs of Capadoca Lords, who were ruling until the end of the 19th century.The property was surrounded by a thick stone wall having a gate as a main entrance.
The gate is partially preserved and leads to two parallel stone trails of (approx) 17m.
The trails have columns and we can see that they used to have a pergola covering all of their length with flowers.At the other side of the trails, the main building dominates with its unique architecture.
A horizontal marble staircase meets the ground floor and its spacious landing-veranda reaches vertically the first floor. As a result an outstanding triangle is created.
The ground floor is linked with the first floor by an internal staircase, while there are separated entrances for both levels.Inside the borders of the plot there is also a church of Saint Nicolas, where the landlords could pray for a prosperous year, as the area was mainly agricultural, famous for its wine and olive oil.

It is a unique opportunity to restore a historical mansion and give life to a story lost in the centuries.

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