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Price:320,000 €
Category: Land
Location: Paxos - Antipaxos
Updated on: 17/08/2023
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Ioanna Aroni

+306975770280 , [email protected]


Indulge in the allure of the smallest gem in the Ionian crown—Paxos. This island, adorned with silvery olive groves and embraced by gentle chalk cliffs, holds a promise that transcends ordinary life. Amidst the embrace of nature's beauty, an opportunity beckons—a 4,500 sqm plot of land that invites you to become a part of this tranquil haven.

As you stand upon this plot, you are poised to weave your aspirations into the very fabric of this island's essence. This land is more than a piece of property; Picture the olive groves that dance with the winds, a testament to Paxos's ancient allure. Envision the soft cliffs that frame the horizon, a backdrop that paints the sea in hues of blue and turquoise. As you contemplate this plot, you're invited to envision the memories waiting to be made, the moments of serenity, and the promise of true tranquility.

This is your chance to carve out your haven, to shape a retreat that resonates with the island's spirit. Whether you seek a permanent residence or a refuge from the world, this plot extends a hand of possibility. With every whisper of the wind through the olive leaves and every ray of sun that kisses the land, this plot invites you to become a part of Paxos's story.

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