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Detached Houses for Sale in Corfu island & Paxos

If privacy and security are your prime considerations when choosing a property, buying a detached house in Corfu is a wise idea indeed.

There are several styles to choose from  ̶  including pretty pastel coloured contemporary homes, traditional stone-built dwellings with timber beams, and villa-style abodes complete with gravity pools and expansive gardens.

Many detached houses have balconies, sundecks or terraces  ̶  these are awesome ambient spaces for relaxation and contemplation, socialising with friends and family, or entertaining colleagues or business contacts.

While apartments and maisonettes have their own distinct charms, a detached home is your own exclusive Corfu residence, where you can close the door and enjoy the freedom to relax and unwind in anyway you see fit.

You'll find delightful detached properties across the island but read on for some insider insights on a few select locations.

Detached Houses Locations in Corfu island & Paxos

The choices are endless when it comes to finding a detached home in Corfu and each location has its own distinct advantages.

Opt for central Corfu locations like Kastellanoi Mesis or Ipsos and you can often find properties in idyllic settings with stunning views, while you’re also close to the main population hubs, entertainment venues and international transport links.

However, if you’re a businessperson who wants to reside in the beating heart of Corfiot history and commerce, choosing a detached property in capital Kerkyra might be even better because you can wine and dine contacts with ease and all the amenities and attractions of a modern metropolis are available outside your front door.

Alternatively, a detached  home in the north east Corfu resort such as Agios Stefanos Sinion is also deeply desirable. The beach here is beautiful, the area is renowned for classic local cuisine focused on fresh fish, and it's a coveted destination for families and couples who prioritise peace and relaxation amidst stunning natural landscapes.

Gastouri in central Corfu is another gorgeous location for a detached property  ̶  located on a lush hillside just 10 kilometres south of Kerkyra, this traditional village is a tourist attraction thanks to Achilleion, an imperious Neoclassical palace constructed for Empress Elisabeth at the end of the 19th century and complemented by fabulous formal gardens and a collection of classical statuary. The town itself is charming and serene, with several hotels, guest houses, restaurants and attractive churches.

With a broad and deep portfolio of detached properties in locations throughout Corfu, Roula Rouva can help you find your dream home with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency. We have decades of collective experience in finding ideal properties for clients from around the world, so we can't wait to satisfy your heart’s desire.

We know that buying a property abroad is a big commitment but dealing with Corfu’s biggest and best real estate agency provides you with the confidence and expertise you need to complete your purchase smoothly and swiftly.

Ready to find your dream detached house in Corfu? Contact us today for a chat!

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