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Garitsa is a quaint area located on the south side of Corfu Town, between the city center and the peninsula of Kanoni. It is one of the oldest quarters of town, with findings that date back to ancient times.

The bay of Garitsa is enchanting for anyone lucky enough to visit it. The moon-shaped bay starts at the Old Fortress and ends at the multi-photographed picturesque point of the Windmill. It is a place of great beauty, with a seaside promenade that the locals use all year long for their walks. During the summer months, the bay becomes a meeting point for boats and yachts from all over the world. The waters offer good anchorage, as they are safe and protected from the winds. They are also deep enough to support even mega yachts. Views onboard any ship anchored in the bay are breathtaking, with the Old Fortress and town in the distance.

Garitsa used to be an industrial area until the 1950s. Many factories were based in the neighborhood, and people who worked there chose to settle close to their workplaces. Today, it is a vibrant place of recreation, sports, outdoor activities, and entertainment. The area boasts many restaurants, bars, and cafés for joyful relaxation moments overlooking the bay, while Garitsa Grove is great for peaceful walks under the shade of eucalyptus trees.

Nearby beaches in Garitsa

Mon Repos Beach

Mon Repos is a charming small sandy beach inside Corfu Town, near Garitsa. It is the island’s only beach with an admission fee, which is very low and used to maintain the space.

Mon Repos is pebbled in the shallow, so a wooden pier is used as an extension for visitors who want to swim in the deep. The beach is usually frequented by locals, students, etc., as its nearby location makes it perfect for a quick swim.

The beach is situated at the entrance of the Mon Repos estate, a verdant piece of land that used to be the summer residence of the English Governor of the Ionian Islands. If you feel hungry or thirsty after your swim, there is a shop selling food and drinks under the shade of trees.

Faliraki Beach

Faliraki Beach, also known as «the beach of Alekos» due to the tavern that operated there, is located at a beautiful location below Old Town, offering views to the Old Fortress.

This sandy beach is very small, but there is a big platform where you can sunbathe or dip in deeper waters. Next to Faliraki, there is a lovely, paved court with cafés, restaurants, and taverns, waiting to offer you refreshing drinks and delicious meals until late in the evening.

In the past, Faliraki was frequented by the town’s nobles, who came here to swim in seclusion. The old iron staircase they used to access the shore still exists.

Things to do and see in the area of Garitsa, Corfu

Douglas Column

Douglas Column, or «the column of Dougla» as Corfiots colloquially call it, is an obelisk that can be found on the intersection of Alexandras and Dimokratias Avenues. It was built in 1843 and is dedicated to Howard Douglas, Lord High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands, from 1835 until 1841.

Howard Douglas was a great benefactor to the island, and Corfiots had great respect for him, as he was responsible for establishing the Ionian Bank, the Ionian Gymnasium, the psychiatric and general hospital, as well as for the construction of many roads.

The monument was made by the painter and sculptor of Corfiot origin, Ioannis-VaptistisKalosgouros. At the column’s base, there are anaglyphs on all four sides. There is Douglas’ coat of arms, a diadem, a depiction of Britannia, and a commemorative text written by Philosophy Professor at the Ionian Academy, ChristoforosFilitas. The text describes all the good things Douglas did for Corfu and expresses the gratitude of the locals towards him.

Mon Repos

Mon Repos is an impressive mansion surrounded by a verdant garden, located in a 65-acre estate in the area of the archaeological site of Paleopoli. An important landmark of Corfu’s English rule, it lies 3k south of Corfu Town.

Mon Repos was built in 1831 by the English Commissioner of the Ionian Islands, Frederick Adam. It is a fact that Adam ordered the construction of Mon Repos as a gift to his Corfiot wife, Nina Palantianou.

After the Ionian Islands united with the rest of Greece, Mon Repos was granted to King George. The estate was used as a summer palace by the royal family until 1967. After that, legal battles ensued between the royal descendants, who claimed it was their property, and the Greek State. Finally, Greek courts rejected their claims and attributed Mon Repos to the Municipality of Corfu.

The gardens around the palace are as lush as it gets and stunningly beautiful. A walk in this fantastic flora is not to be missed.

Accommodation in Garitsa, Corfu

As Garitsa is located in the center of Corfu Town, it offers an enormous variety of accommodation options. Everything is available here, from luxury hotels and villas to apartments and rooms to let.

Properties for Sale near Garitsa

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