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Kassiopi, located 38km from Corfu Town, is a large quaint village on the north side of Corfu. It is the center of tourism in the area, featuring full amenities for visitors, such as supermarkets, bakeries, pastry shops, retail stores, pharmacies, car/bike rental outlets, and more.

Though a very developed resort, Kassiopi has managed to preserve its Byzantine architectural flair and the charm of a traditional fishing village, as it has been for centuries and up to the present day.

It has a picturesque harbor, and the settlement is surrounded by vibrant vegetation, beautiful bays, and a mountainous backdrop that complements its quaintness. The ruins of a Byzantine fortress testify to this wealthy village’s importance in a bygone era, being across and very close to the Albanian coast.

Kassiopi has exciting nightlife and a cosmopolitan ambiance. At the square and on the streets winding around the harbor, there is an array of bars, nightclubs, and dining options for all tastes.

There is more to Kassiopi than just natural beauty and amazing beaches. It has a rich history, as it was an important location for the Byzantines and the Venetians when they ruled the island. The attacks it has suffered over the centuries may have erased some of the traces of the past, but the importance of this place is always in the air.

Nearby beaches

Beaches around the settlement:

Kalamionas is the main beach of Kassiopi. It is a large Blue Flag awarded shore to the west of the settlement and, compared to the others, the most easily accessible.

It has a mix of pebbles and sand, with crystal clear waters. There are coffee shops and a tavern where you can supply yourself with coffee, water, and snacks along the coast. There is also a diving school for those who would like to try scuba.

Imerolia is a pretty and unorganized beach, 1km to the west of Kalamionas. This pebbly shore offers nothing but calmness to the people who are after tranquility and pristine nature.

Pipitos, located on the northwest side of the Kassiopi Fortress, is probably the most beautiful beach of Kassiopi. To get there, you have to go down a slight, rocky slope. The effort is well worth though, as the waters of Pipitos are so clear, you can even see the seabed from high above. It has both sand and pebbles, and you will find sunbeds and umbrellas for rent.

Bataria is an impressive beach. It has turquoise waters, rocks all around, and a laidback atmosphere, with sunbeds and umbrellas for rent. To reach Bataria, you must follow the road that extends to the north of the harbor.

Kanoni is located at the end of the lush peninsula of Kassiopi. It is surrounded by smooth rocks from where you can jump directly into the water. There is a small sandy part on its left side. Access to Kanoni is achieved via a walkable path from the neighboring beach of Bataria.

Avlaki Beach

To the east of Kassiopi, you will come upon the quiet bay of Avlaki. It is a beach of large white pebbles that unforgettably reflect the sun, clear blue waters, and endless greenery around.

If you are not a fan of sandy beaches and are looking for a place of unspoiled, pristine nature, Avlaki is the right choice for you. On the beach, there are the basic amenities, and also a school for sailing and windsurfing.

Things to do and see in the area of Kassiopi, Corfu

Kassiopi Fortress

Kassiopi Fortress is a castle on the north side of the peninsula, overlooking the entire village. Its strategic location on the strait with the Albanian Coast gave it great importance.

During the Byzantine times, the fortress was part of the island’s triangle, along with Gardiki guarding the south and Angelokastro protecting the northwest.

There is ambiguity when it comes to the exact origins of the fortress. According to the more widely accepted theory, it was built in the 6th century AD, during Emperor Mauricius.

One of the most characteristic features of the fortress is its central gate with two two-storied towers. Though dilapidated today to a large extent, its wall, towers, gate, bastions, water tank, and some of the Venetian cannons still survive.

Accommodation in Kassiopi, Corfu

Kassiopi is a developed resort and offers accommodation options such as hotels, villas, apartments, and studios.

Properties for Sale near Kassiopi

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