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Perama is a popular seaside destination conveniently located 7km south of Corfu Town. Its privileged location makes it a perfect lodging option for visitors who want to be near all the action but not stay right in the middle of the capital’s hustle and bustle, especially during the summer months. From Perama, the views to the opposite side of Kanoni are simply amazing.

Perama is connected to Kanoni via a footbridge that crosses the Chalikiopoulos Lagoon. Kanoni features two of Corfu’s major sights: the Vlacherna Monastery and the Pontikonisi (Mouse Island). These important touristic landmarks have been photographed millions of times and appeared in countless films and TV productions. Locals like to say that if someone comes to the island and doesn’t get to see Vlacherna and Pontikonisi, they haven’t seen Corfu at all.

A walk in this area is a must-take experience. After visiting Vlacherna Monastery, get on board one of the small boats docked at the pier and hop over to the charming Pontikonisi. The surroundings are full of gift shops, lovely restaurants, and coffee shops, where you can enjoy a meal or drink and take in the stunning nature. In Kanoni, don’t hesitate to walk the staired path and watch the scenery from an elevated position. The views will reward you.

When you cross the footbridge, don’t get worried if you hear intense engine sounds approaching. Corfu Airport is situated next to the lagoon, and landing airplanes often fly right over your head!

Nearby Beaches

Mon Repos Beach

Mon Repos is a charming small sandy beach inside Corfu Town, near Garitsa. It is the island’s only beach with an admission fee, which is very low and used to maintain the space.

Mon Repos is pebbled in the shallow, so a wooden pier is used as an extension for visitors who want to swim in the deep. The beach is usually frequented by locals, students, etc., as its nearby location makes it perfect for a quick swim.

The beach is situated at the entrance of the Mon Repos estate, a verdant piece of land that used to be the summer residence of the English Governor of the Ionian Islands. If you feel hungry or thirsty after your swim, there is a shop selling food and drinks under the shade of trees.

Things to do and see in the area of Perama, Corfu

Achillion Palace

The Achillion Palace is just a short 10-min drive from Perama. It is one of the most significant landmarks of Corfu and an impressive sight to see.

It was built in Gastouri for the Empress Elisabeth of Austria, also known as Sissi. Sissi sought refuge in Achillion to escape her life’s tragedies. A year before the palace was constructed, she had lost her son, Prince Rudolph of Austria.

The palace was designed by Italian architect Rafaelle Caritto. Sissi was a known philhellene who admired to a great extent Greece and its culture. So, inspiration was drawn from Greek mythology. Ernst Herter, a famous German sculptor, was commissioned to create works of art that paid homage to Achilles, who the palace took its name after. His sculpture Dying Achilles is the centerpiece of the estate’s gardens.

After Sissi’s death, German Kaiser Wilhelm II purchased Achillion to use it as a summer residence. After World War I, it became the property of the Greek state.

After 20 years of leasing as a casino (1962-1983), the palace returned to the Hellenic Tourism Organization and now operates as a museum.

Kaiser’s Bridge

Located just below the Achillion estate, Kaiser’s Bridge is an architectural marvel. German Emperor Wilhelm II, known as «Kaiser», had it built after acquiring the Achillion Palace from Austrian Empress Sissi at the beginning of the 20th century.

The Bridge connected the lower part of the Achillion gardens with the beach. The Kaiser used it to take his swims in privacy and welcome his honorable guests arriving at the pier.

The Bridge formed an arch over the road that passes beneath it. The arch was blown up by the Nazis during the island’s German occupation so that their vehicles could cross the point without height restrictions.

Accommodation in Perama, Corfu

Due to its location, Perama offers a wealth of accommodation options, such as luxury hotels, villas, apartments, and rooms to let.

Properties for Sale near Perama

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