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Woody homes

Prefabricated Houses in Greece

Prefabricated Houses in Greece are a great choice! Is the easiest way to have your fully equipped, ready to use and 100% eco-friendly home, right away!

  • Ready to move in, in only 60 days after being ordered.
  • A wide range of sizes- 36,42,48,60,72m2, with incredible low prices!
  • Including: an equipped kitchen and bathroom
  • Electrical and water installations
  • Colors of your choice
  • Full all season insulated roof, walls, floor and double-glazed windows.
  • Woody Homes are mobile, so that they can be transported and be easily placed in any plot or piece of land.
  • Woody Homes are made from natural, extra quality wood and 100% ecological.
  • All materials used, come with EU certificates of quality and safety. Transferred and assembled, with a 2 years’ warranty.


Prefabricated Houses are environmentally friendly constructions, as well as friendly for the owners or buyers. Reasons to prefer this choice are many. Some of them are listed below:

  • Ecological construction with natural wood without the use of harmful substances to human health.
  • Excellent fire endurance, especially when compared to conventional structures.
  • Small waiting period until delivery. Approximately 60-70 days (depending on the complexity of the buyer’s order).
  • Transferability of the Woody Home to another site, if and whenever required, is possible, unlike with commercial properties.
  • A sense of warmth and comfort.
  • Very little maintenance is required, as during the construction, the initial treatment with ecological varnish and primer, both internally and externally, cover an entire lifetime and no other maintenance is required, under normal conditions. However, if so wished, the exterior can be vanished once in every 2 years, so that your Woody Home will look like new for ever. On the other hand, the interior maintenance costs are minimal, due to the natural properties of wood (no humidity) thus saving the cost of painting and the necessary materials.
  • Perfect acoustics, as it is a well-known fact that wood develops special acoustic properties as it ages.
  • Optionally it can become an energy friendly construction, as the use of primary energy is reduced by using solar panels, photovoltaic power, wind power, etc, especially when the plot of land cannot obtain a building licence.

Dimensions and exemplary plans of Woody Homes:

  • Length: 6, 7, 8, 10 or 12m
  • Width: 6m.
  • Ceiling height: 2,60m.
  • Height with roof: 3,40m

For the entire construction, both externally and internally, including walls, floor and ceiling, pine wood with a thick 13мм straight ribbed outer and inner coating, is used. The thickness of the inner panels are 5cm, filled with mineral wool insulation. In total an 8cm thick wall, thus achieving the proper insulation for comfortable winters and summers. The entire construction is designed and assembled with the appropriate and necessary structural static research and approval.

A pitched roof metal construction, with a 100mm insulation of mineral wool is placed above of the thermal insulation, with vapor-permeable waterproof roof foil, enclosed in metal tiles.

The floor of the Woody Homes finishes with wooden boards, in colours of your choice.

A metal construction of sub galvanized sheets at the bottom with a 100mm insulation of mineral wool, enclosed within the floor. The Woody Home is placed on a special 30cm high above the ground.

The window and door frames are made of PVC, with double glazed windows and mosquito screens.

The dimensions depend on the ordered Woody Home..

The interior doors are made from MDF, with the dimensions of 0,70m X 2,00m.

The Woody Home has a complete indoor electrical installation with all necessary sockets for tv, air conditioning, oven etc. and with mounted in and outdoor lamps.

The Woody Homes bear full plumbing for the bathroom and kitchen according to the relevant drawing of the plan accompanying it. All faucets can provide hot and cold water. The company is not responsible for the connection of the hydraulic network of the home or for any hydraulic and electrical work in the surrounding outer space, of the Woody Home.

The manufacturer of the Woody Homes is not required to prepare the ground sanitation as this is the obligation of the buyer.

The kitchen furniture consists of worktop, sink, faucet and cabinets below and has a length of 1.20m

The bathroom has a toilet, sink, shower cabin and relevant taps.

Additionally the buyer can order a fully equipped and furnished Woody Home.

The plot, where we will place your Woody Home, has to be aligned and covered with gravel which will extend at least 1m around the Woody Home, and also, be reachable by truck and crane.

If you wish to have a quote for your Woody Home please contact us directly.


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