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15 Years of Experience in Stunning Custom Built Homes

Custom Built Homes and Residences in Corfu

Custom Built Homes and Residencies

Welcome to Compass Engineering and Development Solutions

We are your personal miracle workers for custom built homes, villas, and residences in Corfu and Paxos.

What we are made of

Compass Pronunciation /ˈkʌm.pəs/ : A V-shaped instrument for drawing circles and arcs and measuring distances between points, consisting of two arms linked by a movable joint, one arm ending in a point and the other usually carrying a pencil or pen.

During the Age of Discovery, the compass helped great navigators cross the oceans in search of new trading routes. Later on, as modern-day Europe was coming to light, it assisted the guilds of master builders all across the continent in envisioning our cities and bringing our current urban landscapes to life.

In present times, and in our stunning sunny corner of the Mediterranean, our team of professional engineers, architects, and project managers drew inspiration from building and construction heritage to come together and create “out of the box” ideas that surpass our clients’ expectations and leave them with a big smile on their face. For us, your wishes are the arm with the pencil guiding our circles and arcs to the direction of your dream house.

Putting our expertise on custom built homes to the service of your desires

Home means safety and comfort. It is a quintessential human need. It is where memories are formed and families bond. The place where people and their loved ones get together, plan their future and create moments to cherish. And it goes without saying that when it comes to getting your own house, you look for nothing but the best!

Ready-made properties are perfectly good and practical in most cases. But a custom made home or villa in Corfu, Greece, is the epitome of personalized specifications. You have the complete freedom to choose the location and the exact layout of your home. You can add a pool, landscaped gardens, parking spaces, or anything else you have on your bucket list. Let alone the fact that with a custom made solution, a close eye can be kept on the project’s budget.

We have the utmost respect for the savings you are willing to spend on your construction investment, and we are more than grateful for the trust you place in us. Based on that, we offer the possibility of a payment in installments after each stage is completed and inspected according to European building standards. That way, you can be sure your money is spent wisely.

Custom Built Homes and Residencies

Ready to have your dream house built?

This is where we, Compass Engineering and Development Solutions, come in. After greeting you with a warm welcome and a cup of coffee at our premises, we will carefully listen to your preferences and aspirations regarding the ideal house you have in mind.

As custom home builders, we bring to the table our many years of experience and extensive local knowledge, so as to make the experience of buying land (with the help of our real estate agency in Corfu) and having your own property built as smooth and stress-free as possible. Whether you are a new or an existing customer, no matter how big or small your project is, our team of experts can manage everything, from the initial consultation to turnkey delivery.

Are you buying, selling, building, or renovating? Contact us today and we will discuss about how we can help you with your project.

Of course, our support does not end with completion. After-sales service is our middle name. If you wish so, we can offer you more advice and extra services after the property is delivered to your standards, such as property management. We can even help you choose the appropriate furniture and fittings for your newly developed abode.

Our 360-degree Solutions

Excavations – Earthmoving Works

Before constructing your custom built home or villa starts, the landscape must be moved, graded, and made ready according to architectural and engineering specifications. To that end, we provide the following:

  • Road openings
  • Excavations – Earthmoving
  • Demolitions
  • Wall with boulders and Serasanetti
  • Excavations of port works
  • Plot and building excavations
  • Landscaping
  • Plowing


Every custom built project needs to start with a survey. Before we do anything else, we must know what we will work on. Compass can help you with the following:

  • Architectural survey and construction, measured surveys, structural surveys, structural investigations, condition surveys, and demolition surveys
  • Static survey
  • Electrical / Mechanical survey
  • Energy Efficiency Survey
  • Topographical Survey
  • Lighting design
  • Interior design
  • Impressions
  • Photorealism

Legalization Arrangement

Do you need to legalize a property, rebuild your old house, or maybe change the use of a building?  And you do not know what to do and how to start?

First of all, you need to find an engineer who is capable of undertaking the whole process. At Compass Engineering and Development Solutions, we can arrange the legalization of buildings or constructions, or legalize changes of use according to law 4495/2017.


Compass combines functionality, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

We can manage:

  • The supervision and construction of the projects, and the coordination of the works
  • Hand delivery of the turnkey project
  • Building aids and restorations
  • Interior design
  • Contextual configurations

Consultancy Services

By providing a wide range of specialized services and practical building management advice, Compass Engineering and Development Solutions enables clients to achieve the best possible value for the purchase of their home, feeling safe about their investments at the same time.

  • Real estate (purchase or management of a property)
  • Business plan analysis – scenario surveys
  • Drawing up a techno-economic project

Project Management

The challenge we face in the management of our projects is to ensure that the project is executed and delivered according to defined constraints. A project is a set of activities selected to achieve predetermined objectives:

  • Physical presence at the construction site
  • Maintain and keep the balance of the budget for a project
  • Observing safety and hygiene regulations at the construction site
  • Constant updates to the employer

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Just send us a message or call us for building your custom built home. We are always here to offer you a friendly service and provide answers to all your questions.

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