Choose Roula Rouva Real Estate Agency and help the work of Doctors of the World-Greece.

Roula Rouva Real Estate Agency, supporting the work of the Ambassador of Doctors of the World Ms Roula Rouva, offers its help to the continuation of the voluntary work of the Doctors of the World.

By making your acquisition and sale through our Real Estate Agency, you also support their work so that they can continue to offer help to all those who need it.

Upon completion of every contract, the total amount of 50 Euros will be deposited by our Real Estate Agency to the Doctors of the World treasury under your name as a gesture of support to their philanthropic work.

At no cost, you help Doctors of the World to continue their work and the company Roula Rouva, not only to stay true to its values ​​and ideals, but to continue to carry and transmit the true meaning of charity.

The donation, which will be made equally by the buyer – seller, will be certified and proven by the thank you letter you will receive from Doctors of the World, with the donation of 25 Euros deposited under your name.

 With your help, we can continue to offer love and light “wherever people are”.