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Acharavi is a seaside resort on the north coast of Corfu. It is located along the road that connects Kassiopi to Sidari and lies 37km from Corfu Town and the airport.

The village of Acharavi has grown to be one of the hubs of Corfu’s northern part, both on a tourist and commercial level. It has all the amenities visitors need (post office, banks, supermarkets, etc.), and along the main street, there is a large variety of shops, cafés, restaurants, and more. Nightlife is also quite vibrant.

Acharavi Beach is long, sandy, and stretches for about 3km. Apart from the golden sand, the waters here are shallow. So, the beach is a perfectly safe environment for families and children. The scenery is complemented by the lush Mediterranean greenery surrounding the beach area, creating a quintessentially Ionian landscape.

Besides being idyllic, the beach has to offer way more than just a refreshing swim and relaxation on a rented sunbed. If you feel like spending a day of fun in the sea, there are plenty of watersports options like banana, sonar, stealth, dragons, ringoes, water ski, wakeboard, pedalo, canoe, scuba diving, etc.

Nearby beaches

Roda Beach

Roda Beach is a natural continuation of Acharavi Beach and stretches for 2km. It is sandy, cozy, and perfect for relaxation and swimming with sunbeds/umbrellas for rent and watersports facilities. If you get hungry or thirsty, there are plenty of restaurants and bars on the shore.

Canal d’ Amour

Twenty minutes by car to the west of Acharavi, between Sidari and Peroulades, lies a natural wonder and one of Corfu’s most popular attractions, called “Canal d’ Amour” (Channel of Love).

It is a set of sandstone cliffs carved by the sea and wind over centuries, creating a fjord-like canal that ends up in a small, sandy beach. Due to the large amounts of clay, the waters have healing properties. Saltwater has also created natural lagoons and beautiful caves around the beach.

Legend has it that lovers who swim in Canal d’ Amour will stay together forever. That is where it takes its name from. It is a very romantic spot that got famous all over the world.

Things to do and see in Acharavi, Corfu

Acharavi Folklore Museum

Acharavi Folklore Museum opened its doors in October 2008. It was inspired and brought to life by a gentleman called Spyros Vlachos. Mr. Vlachos did extensive research and put out on display many interesting items that present Northern Corfu’s traditional life over time.

The museum’s permanent collection, housed in two rooms, includes exhibits such as photos, household items, furniture, historical documents, clothing/costumes, books, coins, and tools and utensils. The exhibits date from the post-Byzantine period (1453-1821) and contemporary Greece (1821-today).

There is also a conference room for seminars and lectures, a coffee shop, and a display of traditional products and woven handicrafts.

Antinioti Lagoon

Located at the island’s northeastern tip, between the beaches of Agios Spyridon and Almyros, Antinioti Lagoon is a stunning natural landscape and a significant wetland. It is part of the “Natura 2000” network and occupies approximately 100 acres. It consists of two parts: the Kounoufadi swamp and the main lagoon.

Considered to be a hidden treasure of Corfu, the lagoon is loved by tourists and scientists alike. It connects to the sea with two estuaries. It is a place of incredible biodiversity, with rich flora such as wildflowers, reeds, orchids, and lilies. The lagoon’s fauna includes marsh turtles, otter (one of the most endangered species in Europe), more than 90 species of endemic and migratory birds, like herons and cormorants, as well as various species of fish caught in the lagoon, such as eels, mullets, and sea bass.

Outdoor activities

Nature in this part of the island does not limit itself to beach life. Just behind Acharavi passes the north section of the renowned Corfu Trail, a 180km network of hiking trails and routes crossing Corfu from south to north. The Trail’s passages are not steep, so hikers can enjoy Corfu’s natural, environmental, and cultural wonders without much difficulty.

Nearby Mount Pantokrator, Corfu’s highest point, is also ideal for those wishing to enjoy unobstructed vistas of the entire island or take part in activities such as hiking and downhill.

Accommodation in Acharavi, Corfu

In Acharavi, there is a plethora of accommodation options for all tastes and budgets. Visitors can stay in anything from villas and luxurious apartments to affordable studios.

Properties for Sale near Acharavi

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