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Vitalades lies 35km south of Corfu Town. Untouched by tourism, it has retained the charm of an era long gone but ever-present. The village’s picturesque stone houses and narrow alleys will enchant you. Walk across the hamlet and admire the sea and mountain views. And when you get tired of exploring, wind down at one of the small coffee shops and engage in small talk with the locals. You will feel a sense of genuine Greek hospitality.

Like many Corfiot villages, Vitalades took its name from the feudal lord Vitalis who lived here in the 15th century.

Gardenos, the beachside settlement of Vitalades, is one of the most impressive beaches on the island. It is just 2km away from the village.

Gardenos is a marvel of nature and a delightful sight for visitors. The idyllic sandy beach is split into two parts by the namesake river that flows into the sea. It is surrounded by a steep mountainous backdrop and sheer cliffs, which give the spot a wild beauty.

The beach stretches for about 2.5km. Its sand has a lighter shade of gold, and the crystal clear waters are relatively shallow, deepening gradually. This allows families with children to spend a carefree day on the shore.

Not overrun by excessive tourism, Gardenos is a true hidden gem for the daring ones who will not hesitate to drive a few extra miles to discover an unspoiled paradise of calmness, relaxation, stunning nature, and easy living.

Nevertheless, the lack of overtourism does not mean that the location lacks the amenities visitors need for a day to remember at the beach. Gardenos is easily accessible by car, and parking space is plentiful. There are sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, showers, and watersport facilities. By the beach, you will find charming tavernas serving local delicacies and coffee bars for a refreshing pit stop after your swim. And when daylight begins to fade away, you will experience a majestic sunset, witnessing the sun drop into the blue waters of the Ionian Sea.

Nearby Beaches

Megali Lakka Beach

Megali Lakka is a large sandy beach and the natural continuation of Gardenos to the south. The only way to get there is by passing through Gardenos.

Megali Lakka is not organized. Having that in mind, you would better have with you all necessities, like water and umbrellas, if you choose to visit it for a swim.

Marathias Beach

Marathias, taking its name from the village behind it, is a long, sandy Blue Flag beach with translucent waters. It is fully organized, offering sunbeds and various watersports activities.

The beach attracts many people in the summer, but it is never overcrowded due to its length (4km). Its shallow waters make it ideal for children too. Along the coast, many tavernas offer delicious local and Greek cuisine.

Agia Varvara Beach

Agia Varvara, also known as Malta, is a natural continuation of Marathias to the south. It is a long beach with fine golden sand, which never feels overcrowded during the busiest summer months. There are always more isolated spots where you can enjoy your swim away from the large crowds.

Agia Varvara is fully organized with sunbeds and umbrellas for rent and sea sports. On the beach, there are various bars where you can enjoy your coffee or drink, while the seaside restaurants and tavernas offer fresh fish and many local delicacies.

Things to do and see in the area of Vitalades, Corfu

A visit to the neighboring town of Lefkimmi

Lefkimmi is the second-largest settlement of Corfu, located 40km south of Corfu Town. Lying at the southern tip of the island, it is the center of activities for this area. Modern-day Lefkimmi has essentially resulted from the unification of five villages (Riglades, Anaplades, Agioi Theodoroi, Melikia, and Potami) and consists of three neighborhoods: Ano (Upper) Lefkimmi, Lefkimmi (or Potami), and Melikia.

Lefkimmi is set in a fertile plain full of olive trees and vineyards. To a large extent, it has remained untouched by mass tourism, so it retains its traditional identity and allure. It gives a feeling of a past era, and it is not uncommon to see women balancing pots on their heads and men carrying goods on their donkeys in the streets.

A stroll through the narrow paved streets of Lefkimmi will amaze you with the old merchants’ mansions and cottages, the Venetian-style buildings, the small squares, and the elaborate churches all over town. Lefkimmi is also called Potami (river), as a river that flows into the nearby Bouka beach runs through it. The paved piers are lined with bakeries, restaurants, tavernas, and coffee shops. The cuisine served here is purely traditional, so you can rest assured you will be treated with a genuine Corfiot welcome. The wooden boats of local fishermen moored along the banks create a very picturesque sight.

Accommodation in Vitalades, Corfu

In Vitalades, you can secure a pleasant stay in villas, traditional guesthouses, and rooms to let.

Properties for Sale near Vitalades

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