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Golden Visa

The Greek Golden visa offers non-EU citizens an incredible opportunity to access residency in an EU country renowned for its beauty and hospitality Anyone who saw Mama Mia or My Big Fat Greek Wedding has probably dreamed of living in this amazing country with a culture and way of life that is steeped in history and tradition.

Golden Visa

From the monasteries of Meteora to the famous Acropolis to the charming islands that dot the Mediterranean, Greece is unrivalled for quality of life.

And now with the golden scheme launched by the Greek Government, those dreams can now become reality. The following points highlight the offer:

• The scheme is of 5 years duration, with a possibility of renewal, provided certain legal criteria are maintained, and is granted to non- E.U. citizens
• It requires a minimum investment of 250,000 Euros, invested into property in Greece and in the case of a married couples this amount does not double, making it one of the most affordable residency opportunities both in the EU, and the world.
• The whole amount of investment must be paid either with a crossed check or with a deposit in a Greek bank account under the supervision of the bank of Greece. This enables transparency and legitimacy of transactions.

• The investors access the right for permanent residence, as well as citizenship. The application for the citizenship can be made after 7 years of maintenance of the above license, given all conditions are fulfilled.
• All members of the family, such as spouse and children under the age of 21 also gain access to right of residence under this scheme.
• If necessary, the investors can transfer their property to another foreigner along with their residence permit. There is no minimum time for the maintenance of the property before the transfer.
• There is no obligation for the investor or the members of the family to stay in Greece in order to maintain their Golden visa status.
• The possessors of the Golden visa can travel without restrictions to all other countries/members of Schengen zone. They can also travel directly to their own countries of origin without having to pass through Greece first.
• The Greek Golden visa does not provide one with access to the job market.
• The Greek Golden visa offers access on the Greek educational system, which is of a high standard.

As the world goes increasingly global, the ability to have freedom of movement in the Schengen areas, to experience life in other parts of the world becomes more and more appealing to the globally-minded citizen. Greece which sits at the crossroads between the two hemispheres truly offers one the best of all worlds in a scheme that offers ease of transaction, the comfort of economy and transparency of operations for those who would like to call this special country home.

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