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Living in Corfu, Greece

Undoubtedly, Corfu, the so-called “Grand Lady of the Ionians”, is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece.

Living in Corfu, Greece, is a unique experience that creates moments to cherish for a lifetime and pleases all the senses.

Besides its unparalleled natural beauty, living in Corfu goes along with some of the most spectacular beaches in the Mediterranean, picturesque villages, a rich gastronomic tradition, awe-inspiring architecture anchored in its colonial past, and a colorful arts and music tradition. These and lots more, make Corfu and Paxoi an ideal place for living.

Living in Corfu

Things to Do in Corfu

One of the best things one can do when living in Corfu, Greece, especially during the hot summer months, is experiencing the island’s splendid beach life. The top beaches are:

  • Paleokastritrsa
  • Benitses
  • Glyfada
  • Kontokali
  • Myrtiotissa
  • Acharavi
  • Roda
  • Arrilas
  • Agios Georgios Pagon
  • Ermones
  • Issos

Things to See in Corfu

Due to its rich history, long tradition, and lively culture, Corfu has endless things to see. The top attractions are:

  • Corfu Old Town
  • The Esplanade and Liston
  • The Church of Agios Spyridon
  • The Neoclassical Palace of Achilleion
  • Mount Pantokrator, the island’s highest peak
  • Paleokastritsa Monastery
  • Angelokastro
  • Vlacherna Monastery
  • Pontikonisi
  • Canal d’ Amour
  • Old Perithia

Museums in Corfu

Although the entire island can be described as a living museum, the town is full of museums that provide more information about Corfu’s influences. These are:

  • The Museum of Asian Art
  • The Byzantine Museum
  • The Archaeological Museum
  • The Municipal Art Gallery
  • The Museum of Music
  • The Casa Parlante
  • The Banknote Museum
  • The Solomos Museum

Weather in Corfu

Living in Corfu comes with an ideal weather. The climate of Corfu is typically Mediterranean. This means that winters are mild and rainy, while summers are hot and sunny. Rainfall is relatively abundant on the island, especially in autumn and winter. So, there is no wonder why Corfu is so green, with incredibly beautiful flora. From June to August, the skies are clear blue with endless sunshine.

Winters are mildly cold and rainy, but even then, sunny days are not a scarcity. It is not uncommon to have a shower followed by a bright sun that cheers spirits up. Spring is mild, and it is the time when nature puts on its best colors. The weather gradually gets better and sunnier, especially towards May.

Summers and hot and sunny, with maximum temperatures exceeding 30 °C. Luckily, the blowing sea breezes provide relief from the heat. Autumns are mild and rainy, though there is an incredible amount of sunshine in September.