Rob Groove | Agence immobilière Roula Rouva | Corfou - Paxos - Îles Ioniennes - Grèce
Directeur des Opérations

Rob Groove

Short Bio:

Hi there, I'm Rob, a dreamer and video creator. My fascination with attaching a camera to a radio-controlled helicopter as a child sparked my passion for video. For over a decade, I've honed my craft, and returning to Corfu has provided endless inspiration.

Working with the amazing team at Roula Rouva Real Estate, I capture the beauty of this stunning country and its properties, weaving together visuals that tell compelling stories. Every frame I create reflects my dedication and love for this art. Each structure provides me with an unwoven tapestry, and I love threading my camera through it, creating something new and unique every time.

Being part of Roula Rouva's excellent marketing team keeps projects fresh and exciting, making my role here the ultimate adventure.