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Properties for Sale in Arillas

If you’re considering buying a home in Corfu, the north west has much to recommend it.

From the lovely village of Lakones to picturesque Palaiokastritsa, the ancient sandstone formations around Sidari and Peroulades to legendary Loggas beach and the sandy shorelines of Agios Stefanos, this is an area whose natural beauty blends with living history.  Indeed, many inhabitants claim direct descent from Byzantine soldiers once stationed in mountain outposts here.

Arillas is a small, scenic village that encapsulates everything that’s special about this region, which is why it’s such a desirable place to live for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in authentic Corfiot culture.

Sites of note here include the triad of islands, Gravia, Sykia and Gyneka, which lie in the bay opposite Arillas and host the rarely visited Amiski beach, and in the distance to the northwest in the direction of Mathraki island you’ll see the ship-shaped rock Karavi, which legend has it is the petrified remains of the boat of Odysseus, referenced in Homer’s epic work.

This is a fertile area famous for the production of artichokes and tomatoes, it has a sandy beach which changes size and shape weekly due to the wild variation in currents, winds and waves, and a close community of residents which displays great civic pride and always welcomes visitors warmly.

If you can adapt to the rhythm of life here, it’s one of the best places in the world to live like a local.

Things to do in Arillas

Arillas perhaps isn’t party central in Corfu, but there are still plenty of activities that can stimulate all of your senses.

If you want to clear your mind in a marvellously cathartic way, there are no less than four meditation centres here, the best known of which is probably Corfu Buddha Hall, a tranquil hilltop retreat offering panoramic mountain views as a backdrop to mindful workshops and retreat programmes.

Alternatively, you can have the time of your life at the resort’s Blue Flag beach by participating in watersports like canoeing, waterskiing, windsurfing and parasailing. If none of these activities tickle your fancy, you can also marvel at the underwater world during a glass-bottom boat trip or even try scuba diving.

There’s family-friendly cuisine here too  ̶  the traditional tavernas serve a range of dishes to suit all tastes, but they’re also excellent spots to sip a cool drink while people watching.

Which types of properties can you buy in Arillas?

There’s a range of property possibilities in Arillas, including apartment complexes, villas, and land plots with plenty of potential for various types of developments.

So you can move right into an existing property here or design your own dream home and have it built on an amazing plot with an outstanding outlook. For a taste of the real Corfu, Arillas is tough to beat.

Your new Arillas abode awaits  ̶  contact us to chat about your real estate options!

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