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Land for Sale in Corfu and Paxos island

If you’re a Corfiot, no one needs to convince you about how beautiful your homeland is.

From the rugged peaks of Mount Pantokrator to the azure wetlands of Lake Korission and the rustic charm of Old Perithia to the neoclassical elegance of Corfu Town, this is truly one of the most stunning territories in the world.

For visitors, the first time they’re exposed to Corfu’s aesthetic ambience is often on screen – it provided an amazing backdrop for Bond movie For Your Eyes Only, romance Fedora, and TV movie My Family and Other Animals (based on the Gerald Durrell book).

But either way, an aspiration that many locals and incomers share is buying a plot of land in Corfu and using it to build their dream home or business property.

Roula Rouva has the professional experience and extensive property portfolio necessary to help you find the perfect plot – read on for more tips on building your Corfu vision from the ground up by finding the best land for sale in Corfu.

Best locations for land plots in Corfu

Finding the perfect location to buy a land plot in Corfu depends on several criteria.

For instance, if you’re purchasing land for commercial purposes, you’ll have to decide whether the nature of your business means that you need to be near a town or urban area, or whether a more remote location can meet your needs.

Likewise, if the purpose of buying a Corfu plot is building a home (whether for year-round or holiday purposes) there are several factors to consider. For example, can you see yourself embracing splendid isolation in a remote hillside spot, or would you prefer to construct a townhouse in a busy residential area?

If staying in a former fishing village that’s become a magnet for travellers sounds sublime, there’s often land for sale in Acharavi in north Corfu and this could be the perfect spot for a business aimed at holidaymakers or a private home where you can sit and sip cocktails on the balcony as the sun sinks slowly over the horizon.

Alternatively, plots for sale in south Corfu can be equally promising – pretty Petriti is only an hour from Corfu Town, but its pastel buildings, bobbing boats and relaxed ambience are a world away from everyday worries. Find a prime plot in a place like this and you’ll never want to leave.

This soupcon of suggestions should whet your appetite for finding your ideal land plot in Corfu, but the possibilities really are endless, so if you’re not familiar with the island or the buying process it’s best to talk to property experts.

Contact Roula Rouva to chat about your land plot options – we’ll help you find the best land for sale in Corfu and Paxos island and set the firm foundations you need to get started!

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