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Complex for Sale in Corfu island & Paxos

Whether you're an entrepreneur with an eagle eye for a lucrative business opportunity in the tourist trade, an investor looking for a mixed use property that's attractive to commercial lease holders or you're simply yearning for a sprawling private residential property, buying a complex in Corfu or Paxos could be a masterful move.

Corfu’s preternatural beauty is complemented by a sophisticated economy supported by several sectors and many burgeoning businesses. As enterprises expand, evolve and relocate, a number of prime complex properties often pop up on prominently the real estate market in highly desirable locations. Some are in excellent condition and will require little if any alterations before they can be monetised, while others are ripe for redevelopment in the hands of the right investor.

You'll find apartment and commercial complexes in towns and rural locations, so there's something to suit everyone's business plans. Roula Rouva has a long history of helping entrepreneurial clients expand their property portfolios effectively  ̶   you’ll find useful insider tips on excellent complex locations in Corfu below.

Complex Locations in Corfu island & Paxos

From town centre locations to rural retreats, finding a complex in Corfu conducive to your aspirations is easier than you imagine.

Choose north Corfu property locations like Thinalio and you might pick up an apartment complex on what many consider the island’s most naturally beautiful coast and capitalise on the tourist trade which has been the lifeblood of the economy here for many years. If you’re new to the sector, finding a well-maintained complex which requires minimum investment means you can focus on marketing your business rather than undertaking refurbishments first.

Alternatively, a complex in Kassiopi on Corfu’s affluent north east coast could also be an interesting investment  ̶  this picturesque former fishing village is (appropriately) famous for fine seafood cuisine and has a lively nightlife despite its modest size. This resort has a magnetic attraction for visitors who like to mix quiet days sunbathing by the pool with soirees spent socialising.

Meanwhile, if you’ve got contacts in the retail trade, finding a mixed-use complex in Corfu Town that can be converted to a mini mall hosting everything from chic boutiques to hair salons and supermarkets could generate a steady income from long-term leases.

Last but not least, Palaiokastritsa in west Corfu is another prime location where you might invest in a complex  ̶  with awesome beaches and breath-taking scenery, well-appointed apartments can capture customers from a pre-existing tourist trail here and create a passive income stream throughout peak holiday season.

As you can see, buying a property complex in Corfu can suit several purposes and could be an investment that bears financial fruit long-term. As the island’s largest real estate agency, Roula Rouva is always ready to advise on properties likely to deliver a dynamic return on investment.

Want to invest in Corfu complex properties? Contact us to discuss your options!

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